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East Coast Breweries Preparing for Sandy

Hurricanes in the Mid-Atlantic and North East coast of the US are not that common. However, Irene’s damage in Vermont to places like the Alchemist have forced us to take these warnings seriously.

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The Beer Nerd’s guide to useful sites…

I figured with today marking the Two Year Anniversary for Untappd, it would be great opportunity to talk about sites (and more of an App in the case of Untappd) that are useful tools for us beer geeks and enthusiasts.

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Bringing the Funk and Sour! Farmhouse and Wild styles in America.

As most craft beer lovers realize, our palates change frequently. It comes with time, mood, weather, seasons… pretty much anything can trigger the appetite for a particular taste. While I have the every day cravings that can go from hop

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My first trip to GABF

So after a 5 day trip and 1 day of rest to Denver for GABF, I decided that there was quite a bit to say. GABF was everything it was made out to be. From the festival itself to all

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