Further Proof that “Beer People are Good People”… Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy Relief

“Beer People are Good People”… I’m sure you’ve all heard it. Many of you have probably said it. Some of you may have even argued against it. Let’s be honest, some of us are tired of hearing it. Overused, uninspired and in reality, we’ve all met some scumbags that prove the saying wrong (I’m looking at you hoarders for profit and black market sellers of craft beer). But enough criticism of the saying, let’s talk about why I felt the need to use it.

As you all know, on December 14th of last year, Sandy Hook Elementary school and the township, family and friends of Newton Connecticut were victims of a horrible tragedy. This horrendous incident touched a lot of people around the world. There were so many people donating that the town had asked that the donation of supplies stop as they had too much to even know where to put them or what to do with them. With that said, donations of money to help charities, families and the rebuilding of the schools is still needed.

Over on Beer Advocate, one of the members of the site (Brad from Dallas, Texas) arranged a LIF in order to inspire people to donate. A LIF (or Lottery It Forward), is basically a giveaway. In this case, Brad promised to give away some of his personal beer in a raffle to anyone who donated $10 or more to any one of many chosen charities. Brad, not directly affected by the tragedy, was looking to do a good thing. This led to more members (or BA’s as they are referred to) not only donating money to charity, but more donating their beer as incentive to get more people to sign up. So much so that some gift boxes had to be turned away (including mine). The founders of the site (the Alstrom Brothers) Todd and Jason have even allowed a little more freedom to Brad in order to keep this organized and going.

Even though the LIF entries closed last night, people are still donating and have already gone over the $8K milestone.

Cheers to you Brad, all the BA’s involved and essential, the Craft Beer Community.

Your not so normal, beer geek from NJ.

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