“Off Flavor” Sensory Training Classes at The Copper Mine Pub

On Saturday March 30th and Saturday April 13th, Vito from The Copper Mine Pub and I will be hosting “Off Flavor” Sensory Training Classes. For those of you wondering what exactly that is, we have ordered kits that will allow us to “spike” beer in order to train your palates to pickup on unwanted “off flavors”.

The six flavors covered will include:

  • Acetaldehyde
  • Isoamyl acetate
  • Diacetyl
  • DMS
  • Trans-2nonenal
  • Infected

These classes are great for homebrewers, brewery reps, distributors, aspiring Certified Cicerones, aspiring BJCP judges and any beer enthusiast looking to educate themselves and their palates a bit more.

The fee ($23) will cover the cost of the kits along with the beer we will be spiking and other incurred expenses. As some of you may know, these kits are not cheap. Ordering for a large group allows us to share the cost and have the same training for a lot cheaper. We will be ordering from the renowned Siebel Institute of Technology (World Brewing Academy) to assure we deal with only top quality materials.

Signups are limited and will be capped at 22 people per session to allow for significant pour sizes. To have a spot reserved, you must visit the Copper Mine in North Arlington starting Wednesday March 20th at 3pm and pay the cover fee. If you have any issues getting to the Copper Mine Pub to sign up but would like reserve, please contact me at “Heysmartbeerdude at Gmail dot Com”.

Classes start sharply at 1pm. Please try arriving at least 10 to 15 minutes early to avoid missing out on any of the class material.

Since seats are limited there will be NO REFUNDS.

Looking forward to meeting, speaking and learning with you all.


Os Cruz

Your not so normal, beer geek from NJ.

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